Monday, January 01, 2007
Since When?

So.. here's a long story... the time between my last post and today (this is being backdated {[it says Jan 2007, but actually it was Aug-Oct 2006 this all happened. Actual Post is April 2012 Surprise]} so I can fit current events in once I get there)...

First off, I did not buy that car. In fact, one month earlier I was driving up to Sears to put new tires on my beat up little Tempo, when I happened by the military recruiting place (there was traffic, I took a short cut yada-yada). On the way back I decided I was bored so why not stop in and at least get the spiel. While I was there the recruiter had me try out the "test" on the computer to see if I was even remotely ready to take an ASVAB; I did well. {I later considered buying the car because of joining; a sort of welcome out of poverty gift to myself}

So I asked "When is the next real ASVAB?" "There's a test in 30 minutes." "How far away is this 'MEPS'?" "20 minutes, why?" "I will be right back."

I drove over to MEPS, got there just in time to sign in, took the test, and awaited my results. I opened the paper and read: 98, 92, 96, 98 (Air Force scores FYI [Mechanical-Admin-General-Electronics). I had no idea what that meant so I called the recruiter and told him.

" You got what?!? Are you messing with me? Did one of those guys tell you to say that? Come back here, I will stay late to see this."

I went back to his office and handed him the paper. He reads it, looks up, reads it again and says: "Well, what kind of job would you like?" "What kind can I get?" "Any job the Air Force has." Filled out the paperwork right then: Open Electronics, a computer infrastructure related career, and Radar. I ended up getting the Open E slot, but because of my debt from the college days I was counseled not to go for a TS clearance and I settled on SATCOM for a career.

--Out of distinct colors to break the story up, so I will pick this up later.. this covered July '06. After signing, I requested to be delayed a bit and ended up heading to BMT in October '06 which is where I will pick back up. Incidentally I went to Ozzfest spur of the moment that year as well, on 21 July, a Friday. The next Monday was the drug test/ physical at MEPS... It was still awesome though. Being the first concert I had been to helped :)

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Friday, August 25, 2006
I Like

I saw that while looking for a much much lamer car. I have decided this one is a better deal. I want this car. 

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It speaks for itself folks.....

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Saturday, April 30, 2005
Work all week????

So yeah, the schedule says i work all 7 days next week :-/ . kool it means 40 hours but i dont have any downtime and i have to be there until 2 am every day bringing the total to (as of next sunday) 11 days in a row that ill be there until that time and the next week isnt posted yet so it could be more...

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Sunday, April 24, 2005
I Vote In Favor of.....

A weather control device because....
Friday- incredibly a day that wasnt too hot or too cold then it was ruined by a thunderstorm at 9pm .. it being spring n all i decided to let it slide so as to pretend it didnt ruin anything (except my Farcry session) but then..
Saturday- going good a nice light sprinkle and then wham at 9pm it got cold and then it got colder and colder... all of a sudden its snowing :(




I have pretty much given up hope that summer will arrive this year maybe itl just rain for 6 months and then snow again...

In related news my port. is a puzzle plus i changed the main one to something smaller

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